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Log Line:  Ghosts, trashy elves, hell police, farm animals, little kids, and a monster get tangled up in a wacky adventure.

Background: The Green Screen Challenge #1 is a feature length film that was filmed in one day at The Chapel in St. Louis, Missouri. The project involved five teams of three or four people who improvised their scenes in front of a green screen. 28 people participated on shoot day.

There are 25 scenes and three musical numbers. In each scene, the actors had to make sure they spoke one specific plot point, but the rest of the scene was totally improvised The film production schedule stayed on track, and filming finished on time.

The cast and crew are truly exceptional individuals who provided stability, creativity, and professionalism to the production.



Character Photos:


Cast and Crew

The cast and crew are 28 people strong.  Here are their credits.

Top Row: Matt Wefel (Sound), Howie Hirshfield (Actor), Jason Lee (Actor), Noah Guyse (Actor), Jim Tecu (Actor), Habeeb Khan (Actor), Mando Franco (Actor), Grant Mayberry (Camera), C.V. Navin (Grip), Dan Feldsien (Producer / Editor), Jennifer Deame (Actor), Scott Love (Actor), Skylar Branstool (Camera), Ben Manhanke (Grip), Caterina Clayton (Actor)

Middle Row: George Hovis (Monster), Kasie Garcia (Actor), Alex Hyde (Actor), Trina Partee (Actor), Logan Luhning (DP)

Bottom Row: Jon Straub (Actor), Sara Fox (Actor), Toby Holmes (Actor), Jeff Samet (Director), Lance Meyer (Actor), Ed Wiesner (Animator)

Not Pictured: Tamondja Smith (Sound), Michael Francis (BTS)

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Behind the Scenes: