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About the movie:  Director Jeff Samet challenged Andrew Frechette to write a one page script.  Andrew accepted and created The Spelling Bee, a quirky, independent comedy. 

Cast and Crew

The cast and crew are 27 St. Louis residents strong.  Here are their credits:

Top Row: Mara Coleman (Script Supervisor), John Samet (Extra), Kasie Garcia (Extra), Jason Lee (AD), Elizabeth Samet (Extra), Ricky Schmitt (Extra), Kamarri Taylor (Extra), Michele Rousseau (Extra), Jim Tecu (Judge Pete), Raman Golpalan (Extra)

Middle Row: Ed Weisner (Production Supervisor),  Lynn Chamberlain (Judge Kathrine), Willis Ranney (Extra), Matthew Harris (Extra), Jeff Samet (Director / Editor), Donna Dierker (Extra), Elizabeth Rousseau (Extra), Nicholas Rousseau (PA)

Bottom Row: Andrew Frechette (DP / Writer), Alexandria Hyde (Extra), Scott A. Love (Dan), Elizabeth Perla (Polly), Matt Dignon (Ben), Marcella Miller (Extra), Michael Pearce (Sound) 

Not Pictured: Beth Moore Workman (PA)


Behind the Scenes: