Log Line:  Joe, lover of ironic t-shirts, unicycles, and typewriters, politely attempts to reject the advances of an unrelenting birthday girl.

The real story behind the movie begins at a film festival party summer of 2018. At the party, Jeff Samet (writer/director) took notes on Joe Tello’s (DP) interactions with party goers. Jeff realized that Joe would make an excellent subject for a movie and wrote a first draft. Eventually, unicycle power generators were added to the script and the current movie script was created.



Character Photos:


Cast and Crew

The cast and crew are 20 people strong.  Here are their credits.

Top Row: Dan Feldsien (Sound), Michael Pearce (AD), Olivia Jondle (Set Designer), Trina Parteé (Friend 2), Kathryn Crumrine (Kitty), Scott Love (PA), Noah Kiernan (Dan), Lynn Chamberlain (Script Supervisor), Lance Meyer (Waiter), Jeff Samet Director

Middle Row: Rod Milam (AC), Kaleb Helle (Key Grip) Kasie Garcia (Friend 1), Alex Hyde (Friend 3), Sara Fox (Extra) Jon Straub (Extra)

Bottom Row: Antonio Vaghi (Extra), Joe Tello (DP), Andrew Frechette (Joe), Ed Weisner (Location Supervisor)


Behind the Scenes: